Philip Sullivan and Ellen Connor Family

Philip Sullivan and Ellen Connor Family
Philip Sullivan and Ellen Connor Family: From left to right: James Sullivan, James Gahagan, Ann Sullivan Gahagan, Philip M. Sullivan, Honora "Nonie" Mahoney, Thomas Hoy, Mary Sullivan Hoy, Pete Sullivan, Ellen Madigan Sullivan, Alex Sullivan, Maggie Sweeny Sullivan, Frank Sullivan; Seated: Philip J. Sullivan and Ellen Connor Sullivan, c1908-1909

About Philip Sullivan and Ellen Connor

About Philip J. Sullivan and Ellen Connor

Philip J. Sullivan, son of Patrick Sullivan and Rose (last name most likely Corcoran) was born on January 6, 1840 in Dennbane, County Cavan. He was one of ten children. He and his wife Ellen Connor, daughter of James Connor (c1818-1897) and Anastasia Colfer (Colfour) (c1821-1884) was born 1843 in Taghmon, County Wexford, also had ten children. Philip immigrated c1856 and Ellen c1855, both with their parents and siblings. Philip and Ellen married in Chicago in 1865. They owned a grocery store on the southwest side of Chicago from 1871-c1900s. By 1910, they were living at 833 Madison in Evanston, Illinois, where they spent the rest of their lives. They had ten children: Mary, Anastasia (Ann), James (Jay), Infant, Frances (Frank), Peter, Alexander (See also Sullivan/Madigan Genealogy), Michael, Charles, and Philip. Philip Sr. died of a cerebral hemorrhage on May 26, 1915 and Ellen died of a stroke on December 3, 1919.

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Sullivan Tombstone, Calvary Cemetery

 Buried at the Sullivan headstone in Calvary Cemetery, Evanston, Illinois are a number of Sullivan family members. Located at Lot 37, Block 16, Section N, the gravesite was purchased by James Sullivan, nephew of Philip J. Sullivan, on September 18, 1881. The name of the person interred, date of burial and relationship are noted:

- Andrew Sullivan, September 14, 1881, brother of Philip J.
- James P. Sullivan, July 23, 1887, son of Andrew and Margaret (McCaffery)
- Thomas A. Sullivan, April 24, 1895, son of Andrew and Margaret (McCaffery)
- Peter Sullivan, May 26, 1895, son of Andrew and Margaret (McCaffery)
- Michael A. Sullivan, February 10, 1902, son of Philip J. and Ellen
- Philip J. Sullivan, May 28, 1915
- Ellen Connor Sullivan, December 6, 1919, wife of Philip J.
- Jennie Duggan Sullivan, August 1, 1927, second wife of Andrew
- Catherine Sullivan, April 2, 1919, granddaughter of Philip J. and Ellen, daughter of Philip M.
- James Sullivan, April 1, 1929, son of Philip J. and Ellen
- Catherine Sullivan, March 28, 1952, daughter of Andrew and Margaret (McCaffery)
- Philip M. Sullivan, June 22, 1959, son of Philip J. and Ellen
- Nonie Mahony Sullivan, June 8, 1971, wife of Philip M. Sullivan
- Thomas L. Sullivan, March 12, 1990, son of Philip M. and Nonie

In Lot 42, Block 16, Section N (the backside of the stone) are buried Andrew and Philip's brother, Patrick.
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Philip J. Sullivan, Will 1909

The handwritten will reads:
This is the last will and testament of one Philip Sullivan made this eighth day of December A. D. 1909 in Evanston, County of Cook, and State of Illinois. As follows.
I bequeath all my property real estate and personal whatsoever and whensoever to my Wife Ellen Sullivan and appoint my said wife executrix of this my will and thereby revoke all other wills.
In witness where of I here unto set my hand and seal, the day and year above mentioned. Signed: Philip Sullivan
The wills in 1909 were short and to the point!
The two witnesses to the will, Charles J. Connor and William Connor, are sons of James C. Connor, the brother of Ellen.
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Philip J. Sullivan, Application for Letters Testamentary

This document, an Application for Letters Testamentary, is from the estate file of Philip J. Sullivan. It nominates Ellen Connor Sullivan as executrix of his will. Of significance is the listing of who survives Philip. The list includes his wife and all of his living children along with their addresses in 1915.
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Sullivan Evanston Home

The Evanston Historical Society (Evanston History Center) holds building permit #152 issued to Mr. P. Sullivan to erect a 2 story and basement flat of 12 rooms, 30 feet front: 52 feet deep by 36 feet from ground level to highest point. The architect is listed as S. A. Jennings and the builder is given as Connor & McCann. Cost of the building was $4,500. It was approved for habitation on September 14, 1893. Address: 833-35 Madison. Photo from 1973, Evanston Historical Society.
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Ellen Connor Sullivan, Death Certificate

Ellen Connor Sullivan died on December 3, 1919, just four years after her husband, Philip. While she was ill, she was staying with her daughter, Mary Sullivan Hoy who lived at 3917 Gladys Avenue in Chicago where she died. Ellen was 71 at the time of her death. Similar to her husband, she also died of heart trouble. Her death certificate states she died of cardiac exhaustion with pulmonary edema, e.g., fluid accumulation in the lungs. A contributing factor was arteriosclerosis. She is buried with her husband in Calvary Cemetery, Evanston.
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Philip Sullivan, Death Certificate

Philip J. Sullivan died at age 75 in Evanston, Illinois on May 25, 1915. For most of his life in Illinois, he was a grocery merchant. His death certificate states he worked at this occupation from 1860 to 1909. Prior to living in Evanston, he lived at 90 Sholto Street in Chicago. Sholto Street is now called Union Avenue. His death certificate states that his mother's maiden name was McCabe, but on other documents it is listed as either Leddy or Corcoran. Since the informant of the death certificate, his son Philip M., did not know the first name of either parent, I have less confidence in McCabe being the maiden name of Philip J. Sullivan's mother. He died from a cerebral hemorrhage complicated by arteriosclerosis. Philip is buried at Calvary Cemetery in Evanston.
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